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Property Management Overview


At RE/MAX FREEDOM Property Management, we are dedicated to maximizing your rental income by fully understanding your property's earning potential. Through a comprehensive market evaluation, we carefully assess and compare your property, providing insightful recommendations for updates and repairs to optimize its rental revenue. Our team stays abreast of current market trends, ensuring you receive an accurate and up-to-date analysis of your property's rental and lease income potential, presented in a detailed written report.


At RE/MAX Freedom Property Management, we create a tailored marketing plan that strategically targets potential tenants through targeted media channels. Utilizing high-definition imagery showcasing your property's unique features, we attract qualified prospects, aiming for optimal occupancy and lease retention. Our website prominently features available properties, complemented by a comprehensive list at our office. With a meticulous screening process, we identify the best-suited tenants for your property.


This section outlines the array of services and advantages you'll gain by entrusting RE/MAX FREEDOM Property Management with your real estate assets. Rest assured, your investments will be handled with competence, professionalism, and efficiency, offering you peace of mind. With a solid understanding of building successful rental relationships and over 7 years of real estate experience, we are well-equipped to take the burdens of property management. Upon signing the management agreement, we will commence with our standard property management procedures outlined below.


  • Start with 15-20 Quality HD Photos

  • Written Ad Copy describing your property’s unique features and charm.

  • Online in MLS National Real-estate Database

  • Our Website: as well as syndication to national websites including: www.RE/,,,,,

  • Network of Sites (Over 30 other listing service web sites!)

  • Rental Added to Our Social Media Site

  • RE/MAX FREEDOM Yard Signs Where Allowed

  • Periodicals

  • RE/MAX FREEDOM agent referrals


RE/MAX FREEDOM Property Management is responsible for responding to general work order request as well as maintenance emergencies. We have a quality list of trusted vendors who have an outstanding track record with our office. Tenants are encouraged to do basic trouble shooting, including checking breakers and looking for reset buttons.

  1. Repairs requests are submitted through the maintenance request online on our Tenant Portal or called in by Tenant. After Hours / Weekend service calls will be forwarded directly to property manager’s cell, non-emergency repairs may be postponed to next business day.

  2. Work order is created including date, time and urgency or the repair.

  3. Repairs are performed by third party independent vendor.

  4. Our trusted vendors use their professional judgment to make repairs and alterations on the premises, purchase supplies and materials, to be billed to the owner.

  5. RE/MAX FREEDOM Property Management reserves the right to spend up to $100 for emergency repairs without notifying owner.

  6. Owner will be notified of all repairs. Any repairs exceeding $500, owner may request multiple quotes.

  7. Repairs made will be deducted from following months’ rent. Any repairs exceeding one month’s rent will be forwarded to the owner to pay directly.


Owner's have full access to any of our trusted vendors to answer questions and explain repairs. Owner may also use our trusted vendors for personal projects.


In the event the owner employs a recommended or outside vendor directly to make repairs or improvements to a property, the owner shall pay the third party directly.


Before the unit is occupied, a complete move-in walkthrough evaluation will be conducted by a member of the RE/MAX FREEDOM Property Management team. This evaluation is to document the condition of the unit prior to occupancy and the issuance of keys. The tenant will receive a copy of the comprehensive walkthrough form and will have the opportunity to note any additional pre-existing issues within the first 7 days of the lease period.


  • Detailed Walkthrough form out lining condition of each room

  • Detailed Pictures including condition of appliances, bedroom, bathrooms, and living spaces

  • Signed off on by the tenant

  • Used in Security Deposit Accounting


Upon vacancy of the unit, a move-out evaluation is performed to evaluate the home's condition and identify any damage attributable to the tenant beyond normal wear and tear. The original walkthrough form and photographs from the move-in inspection will be referenced to assess necessary repairs. It's important to note that the tenant may not be present during this evaluation.


  • Yearly Interior Inspections are performed at the time of lease renewal

  • Regular Drive-By's are performed and may require an interior inspection if exterior is in poor condition.


RE/MAX FREEDOM Property Management will make any bill payments for monthly services attached to the property as long as we have the funds to do so. Payment may not exceed monthly rent income to owner.

Including but not limited to:

  • Lawn Care

  • Pool Care

  • HOA Dues

  • Utilities during vacancy and if included with rent

Owner must provide a copy of the initial invoice for monthly service or have billed send directly to RE/MAX FREEDOM Property Management to managing office.

RE/MAX FREEDOM Property Management will NOT make mortgage or insurance payments on owner’s behalf.


  1. Cash Flow Income collected (Rents)

    • Expenses incurred for the previous month

    • Monthly services (pool, lawn, utilities)

    • Funds distributed to the owner

    • Monthly management fee

  2. Invoices

  3. Receivable Summary

    • Tenant name, address, rental rate, rent paid/due

Owner proceeds can be distributed by paper check or direct deposit. Landlords who have rent direct deposited receive statement by email.



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